My Hero

15 11 2008

img003She didn’t do anything but just go in and teach her class.  That is all that she does and because she does that former students want to come back and just hang with her.  That is all that she does but she does it consistently without fail.  She does it when she feels sick.  She does it when he pressures of being a mom and a wife is more than one can handle.  That is what she does.   And this past week it got her put on a list.  Not just anykind of list.  She got placed on some girl’s “hit list”.  A list which wishes harm to someone.

Someobody told her that she must have really been getting on her #$@ for that to happen.  Nope.  All she did was teach her class and maintain order in her class room.

After she made the list she didn’t go to the police and press charges.  She didn’t call the press and complain.  She didn’t have a case of victimization.  She just went back and taught another day because she loves her students.

She is my hero because of the consistent example that she sets for me in her career.  She is the most awesome teacher that I know.  But this week she stepped up in my world because after making this “list” all she did was go back and teach another day…and another.  She has handled herself with such dignity that I couldn’t help but take notice.  I just want you all to know that I love her and that she is my hero.

She is my hero for many other reasons but this blog doesn’t have enough memory for me to type them.  Plus I’ve got a Sunday School lesson to study for.




4 responses

16 11 2008
Mrs. H

Way to go, Mrs. B.
The world needs more teachers like you.

17 11 2008

Very good perspective your wife has. Can’t live life scared but she will be in my continued prayers!

17 11 2008

I totally agree w/MrsH. We need more teachers like her.

18 11 2008

Candie may have been moved to the top of the “hit list”, but she is even higher than the TOP to me. Johnny you are so blessed to have such a WOMAN as your wife. You better be good to her or Mama won’t be happy.

If that young lady should be reading this blog and comments read my lips, “Candie is one of God’s children and He will protect her.” If I know Candie, she is praying for that girl every day.

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