I Just Can’t Believe That God Would Do This

18 01 2009

The last several weeks have been awesome to say the least.  I got offered a job working for AAA in their insurance department.  I love it because it is salary and not commission.  I will never be rich at this job but I will provide for my family and it is a steady flow of income.  One of the best parts is my manager is a Christian.  He is a good man and I’m very impressed with him.  I have to drive one hour one way to get to my job but it has allowed me to do a lot of thinking.  God has blessed me and my family so very much.  It is unbelievable what he has done.  Thanks to all that prayed for me.  I’m including a video to a song that has spoke to me over these past few weeks.  It is my testimony.

It won’t let me embed it so here is the link.  Please go take a look: