Here Is What I Think

21 05 2009

I told you I would be telling you what I think.  What I think is that I have a wonderful wife who has continued to stand by me through thick and thin.  She has learned what true forgiveness is.  She has a desire to know what God wants for her.  I’m very thankful for her and I look forward to spending the rest of my days here on this earth with her.  I have not idea what God has planned for us but I know that Satan is fighting hard to not see it come to pass.

Allow me to brag on her just a little bit more.  She is an AWESOME teacher.  She has a very gifted way of communicating to her students bringing out the best in them.  I’m very PROUD of her.

My focus is on pleasing the Lord and living each day focused on being the best husband that she could have. That is what I’m thinking today.


This Is Where You Will Find Me

10 05 2009

I recently cancelled by facebook account.  Why?  Well I had some personal reasons but probably one of the largest is that facebook had become an obsession to me.  I wanted to be on it whenever I had an opportunity.  Instead of doing somethings that are important I found myself sitting down at the computer wasting away precious time.  

I plan to start blogging again.  This is where you will find me.  If you want to know what I’m thinking well then you will have to come and see.

I want this blog to be a blessing and not a curse.  I want it to be a place of encouragement to you and I place of accountability for myself.


So this is where you will find me.