How Precious Life Is

8 06 2009

unborn-babyToday I taught on the sixth commandment. How important it is that we have a complete understanding of what this commandment speaks about. More than anything I believe it shows us how important life is to God and that we are to hold a view of life that is just as precious as His view. Only God gets to govern when a life could be taken. You and I don’t have that privilege. Because of this it is very important that you and I be on the forefront of such debates as embryonic stem cell research, which just recently got a big boost from our new President.

I used to be a deer hunter and probably one of the biggest rules of hunting is to make sure you know what you are shooting at. There have been many deaths because hunters have guessed when they should have waited. Scientist tell us that they don’t know when life begins. To me it only makes since that until they know then it makes no sense to destroy what many consider to be the beginning of life. For me I believe it starts at conception. Because life is precious to God you and I should be very concerned with this whole stem cell debate. We cannot take a passive stance.

Though I totally disagree with the recent killing of the abortionist in Kansas, I believe he church has taken a silent stance on the whole abortion issue. It reminds me of the story I heard that took place in Germany. It is told that there was a church near the rail road tracks and many times during the Sunday services they could hear the train come by filled with Jews on their way to the concentration camps where many of them would be killed and all of them would suffer. It is told that the minister would just tell the congregation to sing a little louder when the train would pass. I think sometimes that is what we do as a church. We just sing a little louder while babies die in abortion chambers. We like to think it isn’t happening, but sadly it is.

I was saw a video of an ultrasound of an abortion. I made myself watch it. By the way have you ever noticed they never show such videos on TV. Oh they will show a heart surgery but not an abortion. Why? Pro abortion advocates know that you would be horrified. That is why. I made myself watch this video. I saw the baby go to the other side of the womb. I watched the baby scream as limbs were being ripped off. What a tragedy.

Why is this so wrong? It is because each and every one of those little ones are created in the image of God. That is why life is precious. That is why Christians cannot stand back in silence.

The Bible tells us to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. That includes the little ones who are guest in their mother’s womb. That includes the embryos that have been frozen that now scientist wish to use in their studies.

Will you speak of for them. I just did.

This blog is not just my opinion…it is based on Scripture. If you don’t like it take it up with your Creator.