Hey folks. Thanks for dropping by my blog. My name is Johnny Beaver and I’m a Insurance Agent for AAA and serve as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.   I’m going to be sharing some of my thoughts along my journey with Jesus Christ. Please leave a comment and let me know you dropped by.


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4 03 2008


22 10 2008


29 11 2008
Chuck Wells

California Greetings,

Just checking in. drop me a note with your current email address.

Chuck Wells

18 08 2009
PaulRay Wilson

This is PaulRay from Kentucky, It has been a few years since last hearing from you. I was not for sure were you moved after leaving Mississippi. I hope that your family is doing well. I spend some time looking for you and finally came across you site. hope to hear from you soon.
PaulRay Wilson

7 09 2009
Ann Beeker

Hello! In one of my latest insomnia episodes I decided to check out your blog and see how you and your family were doing. So glad I did…

We are doing well. Jordan is growing…in the 3rd grade already and struggling with MATH! She is so dramatic about it…that’s a girl for ya!

There have been lots of changes here…Jeff and I are getting a divorce. I reached my limit…but there’s so much more to the story! Please pray for him…he’s struggling with his addictions and I worry about him. Please pray for Jordan…she is doing much better handling the situation and I have her in counseling at her school. And last but not least…please pray for me! I’m at peace with my decision to divorce him, but I worry a lot about the future. I want to be a good example to Jordan…I hope I do the ‘parent’ thing right!

Please let me know how Candi, Sam and Sydney are doing. Jordan still remembers playing with Syd…fond memories! From reading your blogs, it seems you are doing well! I’m so glad. Good luck with your new job (I was promoted in December…what a BLESSING). Take care and keep in touch!


4 08 2010
Barbara Vickers

I really wanted to comment on “If you thought God couldn’t use you…
It relly puts things in perspective.

7 02 2011
Jon Crask

Hey, Preacher! I was a summer missionary in 1994 when you were in the Covington/Jeff Davis Association around Collins, MS. Just wanted to say “Hey!”
Good to see you enoying what God’s doing with you!

Jon Crask.

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