One of My Favorite Reads

5 09 2018

-bE2DwAAQBAJ            From time to time I read a book that makes a significant impact on my life.  The kind of book that cuts you deep but you can’t stop reading it.  It challenges you in your walk and in your heart.  Bob Goff has written such a book in Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People published by Thomas Nelson.  There is no wonder why this book has hit bestselling list as did his previous book Love Does to which this is a follow-up.

Bob Goff is a lawyer, speaker, world changer, and story teller.  He uses the art of story to bring across tremendous truths in this book.  In his book he says that we should follow the practice of Jesus who just loved everybody always.  Yes, we are to love the difficult ones too.  He says in his book, “I don’t want to get to heaven and have Jesus tell me my big opinions blocked someone’s view of Him.”

Goff sucks you in with story after story.  Almost every chapter is a story and some stories are extended over several chapters.  Each story has been taken from his life and each one has a tremendous lesson attached to it.  He encourages you to view people through the lenses of Jesus.  In the end his desire is for the world to see less of us and more of Jesus in our lives.  “I want people to meet you and me and feel like they’ve just met everyone in heaven,” says Goff.

Probably one of the greatest parts of this book is his challenge for you to love difficult people and he gives practical advice on doing that.  We are talking good, solid, advice.

I could fill this review with quote after quote from this author.  Probably the most powerful story is his last.  I found myself in tears reading it.

There is a reason why this book is a best seller.  His next book will be as well.  If you have never read Bob Goff, you need to.  His book needs to be your next purchase.  You will thank me.

Follow this guy on twitter at @bobgoff.  You will love his daily wisdom.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.  This was a pleasure.


My Hero

15 11 2008

img003She didn’t do anything but just go in and teach her class.  That is all that she does and because she does that former students want to come back and just hang with her.  That is all that she does but she does it consistently without fail.  She does it when she feels sick.  She does it when he pressures of being a mom and a wife is more than one can handle.  That is what she does.   And this past week it got her put on a list.  Not just anykind of list.  She got placed on some girl’s “hit list”.  A list which wishes harm to someone.

Someobody told her that she must have really been getting on her #$@ for that to happen.  Nope.  All she did was teach her class and maintain order in her class room.

After she made the list she didn’t go to the police and press charges.  She didn’t call the press and complain.  She didn’t have a case of victimization.  She just went back and taught another day because she loves her students.

She is my hero because of the consistent example that she sets for me in her career.  She is the most awesome teacher that I know.  But this week she stepped up in my world because after making this “list” all she did was go back and teach another day…and another.  She has handled herself with such dignity that I couldn’t help but take notice.  I just want you all to know that I love her and that she is my hero.

She is my hero for many other reasons but this blog doesn’t have enough memory for me to type them.  Plus I’ve got a Sunday School lesson to study for.


8 11 2008

I totally recognize that my blog is not typical.  I mostly use it to place my devotional thoughts that come to me in my quiet time.  In some ways it becomes my journal.  I don’t talk a lot about politics on here nor do I speak of crazy drivers who cut me off.  I mainly just want to talk about God and what He is doing in my life.  I know and realize that may not be what you want to discuss.  I tend to get more comments when I put pictures about my family or tell a story about how I nearly died on an appointment.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my family and right under God they are the most precious part of my life.  But when I speak about God on here very few comment.  I see too that my blog doesn’t make it on everyone’s blogroll and that is cool.  Not everyone makes mine either.  I’m trying to be careful who my blog connects to so that my witness and testimony is protected.  You are free to blog about whatever you want.  It is your blog.  This is mine.  But I don’t want it to be about me on here but God. 

God has a way of making us feel uncomfortable doeesn’t He?  I mean we love to talk about the grace and love of God but when it comes to his holiness, his justice, or his wrath he shut up.  We say, “Well that is not how I perceive God to be.”  Well that is how He perceives Himself to be.  That is the God of the Bible.  Ligon Duncan once said, “There is the God that is and the God that we want and the two are not the same.”  He went on to say, “There is the God that is and the God that we underline in the Bible and the two are not the same.”  Hey guys we don’t get to choose characteristics of God.  We don’t get to pull God down on our level.  He just won’t do it.

This morning I got up and prayed.  I went down into my study to think about my sermon tomorrow but before I did, I wanted to spend a little time thinking on the Scriptures myself.  Today I read 2 Chronicles 5.  Solomon has built the temple and is now bringing the Ark of the Covenant to the temple.  On top of the Ark was a place known as the mercy seat.  The mercy seat was considered the throne of God and when Moses met with God his presence would be known on this seat.  The Ark was special.  Very special.  The one thing that hit me was this:  2 Chronicles 5:6 (ESV)  And King Solomon and all the congregation of Israel, who had assembled before him, were before the ark, sacrificing so many sheep and oxen that they could not be counted or numbered.  Why were they sacrificing so many sheep and oxen?  They knew that they were a sinful people.  They knew that they needed a sin covering beause God was coming to the temple.  They recognized the holiness of God and when they compared their sinfulness to their holiness they knew something had to be done.  So they sacrificed all of these sheep and oxen so that these animals could stand between them and this holy God.  They recognized just how holy God is.  Do you?

I think that most people see God as this passive being who is passive when it comes to us.  They see Him as one who has made this earth for us to play on and it is our job to play hard.  When I read 2 Chronicles 5 that is not the God that I see.  I see a holy God who desires holiness in His people as well.  I see something deeper.  Dear friend you are a sinner.  You know that.  Because you are a sinner this holy God cannot and will not let you into Heaven because He is holy.  He is so holy that He must judge that sin in your life.  You are just like Solomon and the Israelites here.  You need something between you and this holy God.  Well God has sent something better than a lamb or oxen.  He has sent his only begotten son and He has sacrificed Him.  Jesus Christ was the lamb slain before the foundation of the world.  Jesus faced my judgment and the wrath of God that I deserved.  Why?  So that I can have a relationship with God and be given Heaven one day.  It is only because I’m resting and believing in Christ that this is possible.  I know that Christ is the only way.

You may say that you are believing Christ too.  Well that is good but let me ask you this?  Is this relationship that you have with Christ changing your life?  Because the Scripture tells us that those whom God saves He gives a new heart…a heart that desires holiness…a heart that is changing us and conforming us into the image of Christ Himself.  Dear Christian if you truly are one.  God desires your holiness more than your happiness.  You see they were making all of these preparations because God was coming to the temple.  In the last verse of that chapter it says that the presence of God was so evident that the priests couldn’t function in the temple.  Dear Christian you are that temple today.  If God is living in your life then He is desiring holiness in you.  Jesus died so that you could be changed.

I’m begging you.  Please don’t be passive when it comes to God.  Please know that you too are sinful.  You need Christ to stand between you and this holy God.  Look to Him.  Trust Him.  Believe in Him.  Cry out to Him.

My name is Johnny Beaver and I approve this message.

This Mom Means Business

9 05 2008

With Mother’s Day coming soon, I saw these pictures of this mom and had to share them with you.  This mom means business.  Hopefully she is consistent.


Just In Case…I love you.

4 04 2008

don.jpgThis past week has been one of the weeks that makes you ponder and wonder.  I began the week stepping out on what faith that I could muster up.  It was going to be the first week since I’ve moved up to Tennessee that I would be out on my own in the Real Estate business.  I got up Monday morning, prayed, and came to the office with a sense of determination.  I went back through my prospects, made a few phone calls, and put some thought into what I would do in the week to come.  And then the phone rang.  It was a lady from Dell Computers asking me if I would come in for an interview.  Wow, Lord what are you doing?  I’m stepping out on faith to do this real estate gig.  I interviewed Thursday and it will be five to seven days before I hear anything.  I’m just leaving it in the Lord’s hands.  It would be a great job but I’m waiting to see what the Lord is going to do there.

Tuesday, I get a text message on my phone.  I started to name this post “When the phone rings” but I have a greater point to speak about here.  The text said, “Mom has been in a wreck.  She is Ok.”  My mom had a blowout and hit a truck coming towards her.  She totaled her car but it seems as though she is fine.

Wednesday, I get another text.  My neice has had a wreck and totaled her car.  She lost control of her car when a wheel went off of the road.  Her car passed narrowly between two poles but the worse she got was a busted nose thankfully.

Yesterday I was in my interview process when I felt my phone buzz.  When I got a chance I looked at my text messages and sure enough it was tragic news.  It simply said, “They found Don dead this morning at dad’s house.  Please pray.”  Don Shrum has been a coworker of mind since I came to Tennessee.  He and I have worked closely on a couple of projects.  Don was a very unique individual in that he was 58 and was raising his second family.  He and his wife had taken in most of their grandchildren to keep the state from seperating them and putting them in foster homes.  I don’t know how Don did that.  When you were around Don he would literally talk your ears off.  He would call and I would say, “What’s up Donny Boy.”  I would constantly pick with him asking him if he wanted to wrestle.  Don died yesterday.  I remember meeting him in my car and doing my morning wave to him.  Wow he is gone.  It is hard to believe.  Please pray for his wife and grandchildren.  Please pray for my friend Harold who employed him.

This morning after all the events of this week I began to make a few phone calls.   I just wanted to remind some people that I love them.  Just in case.  How important it is that we give people their flowers while they are alive.  Life is but a vapor.  It gets snuffed out so suddenly.  Perhaps you need to make a few phone calls too.  Many of you who read my blog have influenced my life in one way or another.  I just want to put it into print this morning that I love and appreciate you.  Read it again.  Get it into your head and into your heart.  I love you…just in case.


19 03 2008

shoes.jpgThis past weekend I had something happen to a friend and to me that I confess made me very discouraged.  It was one those times that made me just look at the Heavens and just cry out, “WHY!!!!”  One weekend changed my future.  It made me reevaluate where I’m going and what I’m doing with my life right now.  I’ve gotten my share of people telling me they are praying for me and that God is sovereign and that I need to look to him.  I appreciate those emails and those prayers.  I really do but they were not seeming to do me any good till I got alone with the Word last night.  I had to catch up on my daily Bible readings and the first thing that I read was Numbers 14.  The spies have just came back and gave their reports.  You know the drill. 10 said no and 2 said yes.  In chapter 14 the stories picks up with the children of Israel griping and complaining telling God it would have been better to have stayed in Egypt.  That always just blows my mind.  Did they forget that Egypt was bondage and persecution.   They didn’t have it made in Egypt.

Over the weekend though I’ve had some of the same thoughts.  Lord, why did you bring me to Tennessee and then do this I asked.  Wouldn’t I had been better off in Mississippi?  At least I have a family to support me down there.  When I read this chapter I was convicted deeply because I was guilty of belly aching.  It was after that when I was encouraged the most.  Moses prayed for the people and his whole prayer was based on the steadfast love of God.  That is God’s covenant love for his children.  His special love.  God loves me just that much and I’m able to come to the throne of God and request help and assistance because of that love.  Because of that love I know that God hears me and cares about what is going on in my life because He is steering my life.  He also tells God that it would be wrong to annihilate the children of Israel because all the other nations would see and question the Godness of God.  God’s name is at stake.  This morning I pleaded with the Lord for my friend and my family because I believe the name of the Lord is at stake here.  We have tried to do what is right and have sacrificed to do that at times.  My friend has stepped out on faith believing that he was doing exactly what God was telling him to do.  The name of the Lord is at stake here and when I prayed I reminded God of that, but He already knew that.  I think He just wanted me to pray that.  His name is way bigger than mine or my friends.

About the time I was getting all of this my wife came in and hit me with this.  She has been reading Joni Eareckson Tada’s book When God Weepsand in this book she talks about suffering and says this:  “Once heaven has our attention, a fervid anticipation for God’s ultimate reality–appearing with him in glory–begins to glow, making everything earthly pale in comparison.  Earth’s pains keeps rushing our hopes, reminding us this world can never satisfy; only heaven can.  And every time we begin to nestle too comfortable on this planet, God cracks open the locks of the dam to allow an ice-cold splash of suffering to wake us from our spiritual slumber.  Suffering keeps swelling our feet so that earth’s shoes won’t fit.”

They Washed My Hands

29 02 2008

dsc00758-large-small.jpgThis past November I had the opportunity to go to India to minister.  Not only did I get to preach in some gospel meetings but I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach some of the indigenous missionaries over there.  These guys are so awesome.  Every day they put their lives on the line for the sake of the gospel.  I taught them two sessions on Christian leadership and it was well received.  In my second message I was talking to them on the topic of how serving the Lord can be rather inglorious.  It can be with very little glitz and glamour.  My Scripture was the call of Elisha in 1 Kings 19.  I was telling them of how at first Elisha’s call was not with a lot of pizazz but rather he was basically known as Elijah’s servant.

As matter of fact over in 2 Kings 3:11 Jehoshaphat asks for a prophet and asked whether one was available.  And listen to this:  “But Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD, that we may enquire of the LORD by him? And one of the king of Israel’s servants answered and said, Here is Elisha the son of Shaphat, which poured water on the hands of Elijah.”  He was simply known as the one which poured the water on the hands of Elijah.

I just wanted to bring home to my missionary buddies that sometimes God calls to service that is nothing more than washing the hands of another.  As I was explaining this it hit me.  It hit me so hard that I teared up.  You see in India they don’t use forks and spoons but rather they eat with their right hand.  Don’t eat with the left because that is the business hand.  After a meal would be completed during that week one of those brothers would come to me with a pitcher of water.  They were there to wash my hands.  What I was explaining to them they had already done for me the whole week.  In that moment I became the student for they had been teaching me all week what servanthood was all about.

Have you washed any hands lately?