Great Book on Battling Sexual Sin

15 06 2018

41qeSqVJniL._SY346_There is hardly a few weeks that go buy that I don’t have a conversation with somebody about sexual sin.  Whether it is a young man struggling in the church that I pastor or it is seeing it first hand as the male that I’m ubering around in my car is trying to convince the girl with him to come back and cuddle just a bit, it is evident that we do live in a broken world.  Paul David Tripp talks about this world gone crazy in his book Sex in a Broken World:  How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts, published by Crossway.  In this book he doesn’t deny that we are sexual beings, but we live in a world that is not sexually healthy but is deeply broken.  In this world God does not promise us that we will not struggle, but rather He has given to us the best gift ever in it—Himself.  As a matter of fact according to the author, “The cross is our guarantee that in all our struggles with sex, no matter who we are and what those struggles may be, God will give us everything we need.  If He willingly gave us His Son, we can rest assured He will gladly supply what we are not able to supply for ourselves.”  There can be victory in this area of our lives!

In this book Tripp takes a close look at the brokenness of this world but challenges the Christian to not use that as an excuse to chase sin.  He encourages the Christian to take a good long look at his/her own heart and ask the question of whether or not your heart is controlled by a higher pleasure of God, which is greater than any other pleasure you could seek.  The question is this:  Is God the master of my heart?  Everything else falls into place after that.  In this book the author goes in great detail to show us that we must have a heart-controlling love for God that can protect us in this world that we live in.

Tripp completes his book with some practical advice on how to find victory in this area of your life.  He points to hope found in the gospel and in the power of God.  He says, “When you begin to understand that you’ve been invited to a meal that will never end, that you’ve been welcomed to the King’s table forever, you’ll quit looking to sneak a bite at other tables.”  Understanding what we have in this relationship with God, goes far in the victory we all need.

This is going to be a book that I keep close.  It is going to be a book that I recommend time and time again because of the pervasive nature of this sin and this sinful world that we live in.  I found many of the truths in this book to be applicable not only to sexual sin, but any sin.  This is one that you need on your shelfs not just for yourself, but for those you love.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Read This Before You Implode!

11 05 2018

wpln-1I sat in my living room with my mouth open wide in amazement as I watched the Lifeway building downtown implode.  I had been in that building many times and all I could think about is how much work for the Kingdom of God had gone down in that place.  I immediately kicked myself for not making the effort to go down and watch it in person.  Everybody likes to watch a good implosion, right? Maybe so with buildings but it is not very fun to watch it in somebody else or for it to happen to yourself.  Imagine all the pain and disappointment that goes along with imploding lives and multiply that by 100.  I don’t believe you can even scratch the surface.  Some of those scars never heal.

Eric Geiger serves as a Senior Vice President for Lifeway Christian Resources and he has authored How to Ruin Your Life, a book which looks at the story of David’s fall with lessons of how to avoid such a fall in your own life and what to do when you have fallen.  This bestselling author of such books as Simple Church, Creature of the Word, and Designed to Lead, which he coauthored with Kevin Peck, has put together this great resource in hopes of keeping others from falling into some of the same traps that have brought down some of the mighty in the Kingdom of God.

Geiger recommends that you don’t read this book alone, but rather find others to go 5173NyHyYWL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_through it with you.  He has even provided a five day devotional at his website to help.

By looking at three precursors of a fall, which are isolation, boredom, and pride, the author shows how each one of these led to the mighty fall of David, a man after God’s own heart.  He goes on to look at David’s confession and the components that ensured that David’s failure would not be final in his life.  To finish up the book, the author takes us to Psalm 32, which was written after David’s fall, to show how God’s grace applied, can restore us to the joy that we once knew.

This book is an easy read filled with Scripture and stories from real life.  Once I began reading it I could not lay it down.  It is something that I wished I could have read many years ago with others.  This book reminded me of the grandeur of God and the power of His grace.  I plan to use it as I’m teaching through 2 Samuel.  It points out a few things that your commentary will not.  I especially love how this book is about redemption as much as it is about instruction.  He deals with all sides of the issue of failure.

With all of this being said, I too recommend you grab a few peers and read this together.  Though God’s grace heals and forgives, the scars of failure remain.  As I drive by the location where the Lifeway tower once stood, there is a big hole where once a great building once stood.  That is nothing compared to the damage down when a person falls.  They never fall alone.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.


28 05 2008

Throughout my life I’ve had too many secrets.  There have been things that I’ve thought or done in which I felt that as long as nobody knew, I was safe.  But the thing is that God knew.  There comes a time when God has a way of bringing everything out into the open.

In 2 Samuel David had a secret.  He had sinned against God with Bathsheba and then he killed off her husband to hide it.  In 2 Samuel 12 God sends Nathan to David to reveal David’s sin.  In the process of revealing God through Nathan rehearses all of the blessings that He had blessed David with.  He had anointed him king and delivered him from Saul.  He had done all of this for David and would have done more.

Let me just stop there and say that I’ve been there.  God in my life has done so much for me.  It is amazing…absolutely amazing what God has done for me.  He has given me opportunities that I could not have done on my own.

After rehearsing the blessings he then asks him why has he despised the Word of the LORD, to do what s evil in his sight?  God had done all of those things for Lord and  David repaid him by despising God’s Word.

Been there too. I’m ashamed to tell you that I have but I have.  And it didn’t happen overnight.  It was a slow process and I kept my secrets along the way.  It reminds me of the new video by Casting Crowns.


You can keep your little secrets but in the end God knows.  God has a way of showing us grace and mercy and giving us time to repent and return. If we don’t, though, there comes a time when He acts just like He did in David’s life.  Nathan told him this:  12 ““For you did it secretly, but I will do this thing before all Israel and before the sun.’  2 Samuel 12:12 (ESV)”  God has a way of bringing the secrets to light and when He doe it is not pretty.

David’s secret sins cost him.  They cost him dearly.  They cost those closest to him dearly as well.  Yes, the Lord forgave him but the scars from his sin would effect his family for many years to come.

We know David’ secret.  What’s yours?  What are you hiding? 

Once when I was young I stuck a key in an electrical plug in.  I had the fire knocked out of me.  It was not very smart.  Because of that to this day I can’t stand to be shocked in any way form or fashion.

Going through the experience of God’s great reveal has taught me several lessons.  First it taught me to never ever ever take for granted God’s goodness.  Second, always take advantage of God’s mercy and grace when He gives you the opportunity to come clean.  Third, sin hurts.  What I experienced when I failed the Lord was horrible.  It was absolutely horrible.  It was worse than sticking the key in the plug in.  I never ever want to go down that road again.  EVER!

David failed in private long before he ever failed in public.  So do most of us.  We allow little private sins to enter in.  We keep them as our little secrets.  Before we know it they have gotten bigger.  But we think we can manage them.  We miss God’s opportunity to come clean and before we know it our private failures start hurting those we love.

So, what is your secret?  Don’t tell me.  Tell God.  He already knows by the way but He wants you to tell Him.


Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices

24 02 2008

I’ve just recently finished teaching through this book. I thought the last 10 rules of battling Satan that Thomas Brooks gave us were awesome. I thought that I would list them here. These are very needful.
The first help. If you would not be taken by any of Satan’s devices, then walk by rule of the Word of God.
The second help. As you would not be taken with any of Satan’s devices, take heed of vexing and grieving of the Holy Spirit of God.
The third help. If you would not be taken with any of Satan’s devices, then labor for more heavenly wisdom.
The fourth help. If you would not be taken with any of Satan’s devices, then make immediate resistance against Satan’s first motions.
The fifth help. If you would not be taken with any of Satan’s devices, then labor to be filled with the Spirit.
The sixth help. If you would not be taken in any of Satan’s snares, then keep humble.
The seventh help. If you would not be taken in any of Satan’s snares, then keep a strong, close, and constant watch (1 Thess. 5:6).
The eighth help. If you would not be taken with any of Satan’s snares and devices, then keep up your communion with God.
The ninth help. If you would not be taken in any of Satan’s snares, then do not engage Satan in your own strength—but be every day drawing new virtue and strength from the Lord Jesus.
The tenth help. If you would not be taken in any of Satan’s snares, then be much in prayer.