The Spurgeon Study Bible

1 12 2017

Pictures are from B & H Website

There is value in studying a specific pastor or theologian-to read everything that he has written and to study his life.  For John Piper it was Jonathan Edwards.  For Jonathan Edwards it was David Brainerd.  For the man who loves C. H. Spurgeon and wants to get to know him as you read God’s Word, then this Bible is for you.  Because of my own personal love for Charles Spurgeon, I jumped at the chance to review this new Bible that is being published by B & H Publishing in the CSB translation.

One of the characteristics of Spurgeon that I always loved about him was that he was real and transparent about his loves and struggles in life.  Though he was a tremendous preacher and leader, he battled depression and discouragement.  Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the editor of this study Bible, has penned a well written short biography of Spurgeon at the beginning.

At the bottom of every page you are able to read quotes from Spurgeon’s sermons and 9781586409715.in01works so that as you read the Scripture, you are able to see what the Prince of Preachers had to say about that passage.  You are literally taken back to Spurgeon’s day on some of the pages because the publisher has printed some of those notes in the very handwriting of Spurgeon himself.  To top it off this Bible gives you a taste of some of the lost sermons of Spurgeon that have been found and included in the book The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon:  His Earliest Outlines and Sermons Between 1851 and 1854 also published by B & H.  In this Bible you can actually read these sermon notes in Spurgeon’s own handwriting.

9781586409753.in02As far as the CSB Bible is concerned, I have found it easy to read.  I absolutely love the font and size of the letters.  It is easy on the eyes of this man who doesn’t see like he once did.

If you are a lover of C.H. Spurgeon then this Bible needs to be on your shelf.  If you have not been introduced to Spurgeon this Bible needs to be your shelf for you will find in this Bible a good understanding of this preacher who made such an impact in his day and who continues to impact the preaching of preachers in our time.

I was given a copy of this Bible by B & H Publishing for an honest review.