I Have Found a Great Kids Bible

24 03 2018

images (2)Just recently I had a conversation with one of our children workers over what would be the best Bible to put into the hands of our children at the church that I pastor.  I wished I had known about the CSB Kids Bible, published by B&H.  This Bible fits the needs of a young child that is growing in love with the Word of God.

I love how you open the cover and the first two pages are so practical.  One shows you where you can go in the Scriptures when you are facing such problems as, being afraid, discouraged, worried, and other struggles that a child might have.  The second is a guide to help a young follower study the Bible.  Turn the page and you have a challenge for a young reader to grow in their Bible skills and what that growth could look like.  There is even a page in the beginning of this Bible that teaches a young reader how to have a quiet time with God including a section CSB Kids Bible Int Sampleof how to pray.

This Bible is filled with very colorful pages with study helps, summaries for each Bible division, maps, and topical concordance.

I believe one of the best things about this Bible in the CSB translation, which is very readable.  I love too the large, easy to read type.

All in all I believe that this is just another example of what the publishers of the CSB are doing to get the Bible into the hands of people, even our youngest readers.

I highly recommend this Bible.

I received a copy of the Bible for an honest review.


My Opinion: Go Buy this Bible!!!

21 02 2018

ApologeticsStudyBible_Hardcover_WithJacket@2x Apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia which means “defense” or “answer”.  It is commonly known as the practice of giving a defense of your faith.  In this post Christian era that we have been privileged to live in, wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource at your finger tips to assist you in that defense.  The publishers of the Christian Stand Bible, CSB, have done that with the CSB Apologetics Study Bible.  In this Bible they have brought together some of the best apologetic minds to help us with such a defense.

This Bible is truly a must have for almost all believers.  As you share the gospel you are always faced with questions and situations that require greater insight than you may feel comfortable delivering at the moment.  This Bible is filled with 134 articles on key apologetic subjects.  Want to know if the Old Testament is trustworthy?  You will find an article written by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.  Want to know about how the Bible was accurately copied down through the centuries?  Norman L. Geisler has an answer for you in this Bible.  How do you defend miracles?  Ronald H. Nash has an article on that very subject in this Bible.

Why a Bible?  What better place to put such material especially when its very content is being questioned.  This Bible includes 48 “twisted Scripture” sections for Scriptures that have been misunderstood.  You are able to see the apologist give explanation to help you have an objective answer in such a relative world that we live.

Each of the 66 books have an introduction written exclusively for this Bible.  The introductions along with the short study helps at the bottom of the pages of Scripture, help you have a greater grasp as to the reliability of the book that you are studying.  This is actually a good study Bible to have on yourself.

This Bible helps you by giving you profiles of 12 of the most prominent apologists from Thomas Aquinas to C.S. Lewis.

All of this and more is placed in the CSB translation which I find very easy to read and reliable.  I just love the type in these CSB Bibles.  It is very easy on the eyes.

I would say that every pastor and student of the Word needs to have this Bible on his shelf to read and to reference.  I’m thankful to have mine.

The publisher sent me a copy of this Bible for an honest review.

CSB Has Done It Again!

5 01 2018

9781462753673.front05CSB has done it again.  This past year they have rolled out one after another of fantastic specialty Bibles with such hits as the She Reads Truth Study Bible and the Spurgeon Study Bible.  Once again they have hit another home room this past year with the completion and publication of the Disciple’s Study Bible edited by Robby Gallaty, Senior Pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church and founder of Replicate Ministries.
Robby has become one of the nation’s top leaders in discipleship, and he brings a wealth of experience and tools to this Bible.  This Bible is made not just for your own personal discipleship but is a tool that you can use to disciple others.  To top it off it comes in the CSB translation, which is extremely readable and strives to be Biblically accurate.

This Bible includes the F260 Bible Reading Plan, which is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that brings the reader through the foundational passages of Scripture.  It enables the reader to read the heart of the Scripture by reading 1 to 2 chapters a day, 5 days a week, and 52 weeks of the year.  It gives the reader a manageable plan that keeps them from growing discouraged and give up on their commitment to read and digest the Word of God for themselves.  Included in this plan are memory verses that tie in with the Scripture that you are reading that week.

I know what you are thinking.  You are asking us to read less of the Bible?  Yes, but the F-260 plan and this Bible encourages you to keep a H.E.A.R. journal of your reading.  This Bible has the journal pages already included.  They are easily found with the green colored border on the page.  As you read the Scripture you are encouraged to Highlight the verses that speak to you; Explain what this passages means; Apply what God is saying in these verses to your life; and Respond to what you’ve read.  You are able to make your notes directly into the Bible.  You will always have a copy of what God said to you on that particular day, and by journaling you are reinforcing the truth into your heart and mind.

At the bottom of each page of this Bible are study notes to help the reader understand the Scripture that he is reading.  Each book of the Bible has a well written introduction to give you a grasp on what is about to be read and an outline of the book.

This Bible is helpful in helping you launch and maintain a D-Group, a closed group that is gender exclusive that meets together for the purpose of accountability, reading God’s Word, and Scripture memorization.  There are several articles in the Bible that will help you have a healthy D-Group.

As a matter of fact, this Bible towards the end has one after another well written articles on discipleship.  You have the opportunity to learn from someone who has seen discipleship work not only in his own life, but in the churches that he has served.  This is a great help to the believer who wants to be obedient to His Lord in this area.

I will be perfectly transparent with you.  I have been keeping a H.E.A.R. journal for over a year now and have led others to do the same.  I’ve personally seen the benefits of a D-Group and personal discipleship.  I’ve been waiting for this tool to be available and here it is.

Robby Gallaty tells us that “we must get into the Word until the Word gets into us!”  It is time for believers to lay down books about the Word until we get the Word into us.  This is not a day, in my humble opinion, for the spiritual fortitude that comes from reading 1 or 2 verses and a cute story.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by His Word.  This Bible will enable you to have big faith in the upcoming days.

I received a copy of this Bible in return for an honest review.

The Spurgeon Study Bible

1 12 2017

Pictures are from B & H Website

There is value in studying a specific pastor or theologian-to read everything that he has written and to study his life.  For John Piper it was Jonathan Edwards.  For Jonathan Edwards it was David Brainerd.  For the man who loves C. H. Spurgeon and wants to get to know him as you read God’s Word, then this Bible is for you.  Because of my own personal love for Charles Spurgeon, I jumped at the chance to review this new Bible that is being published by B & H Publishing in the CSB translation.

One of the characteristics of Spurgeon that I always loved about him was that he was real and transparent about his loves and struggles in life.  Though he was a tremendous preacher and leader, he battled depression and discouragement.  Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor of Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and the editor of this study Bible, has penned a well written short biography of Spurgeon at the beginning.

At the bottom of every page you are able to read quotes from Spurgeon’s sermons and 9781586409715.in01works so that as you read the Scripture, you are able to see what the Prince of Preachers had to say about that passage.  You are literally taken back to Spurgeon’s day on some of the pages because the publisher has printed some of those notes in the very handwriting of Spurgeon himself.  To top it off this Bible gives you a taste of some of the lost sermons of Spurgeon that have been found and included in the book The Lost Sermons of C.H. Spurgeon:  His Earliest Outlines and Sermons Between 1851 and 1854 also published by B & H.  In this Bible you can actually read these sermon notes in Spurgeon’s own handwriting.

9781586409753.in02As far as the CSB Bible is concerned, I have found it easy to read.  I absolutely love the font and size of the letters.  It is easy on the eyes of this man who doesn’t see like he once did.

If you are a lover of C.H. Spurgeon then this Bible needs to be on your shelf.  If you have not been introduced to Spurgeon this Bible needs to be your shelf for you will find in this Bible a good understanding of this preacher who made such an impact in his day and who continues to impact the preaching of preachers in our time.

I was given a copy of this Bible by B & H Publishing for an honest review.